Cool Truck Lift for Shipping Containers



I like technology and mechanical marvels. We have come a long way since Henry Ford developed a way to mass-produce mechanical parts for automobiles, as well as the assembly of cars themselves. Humans are so innovative and come up with some amazing things. Who knows what the next hundred years will bring.

I was picturing how the different terrain people have chosen for their container home sites could affect the difficulty in the delivery of the shipping containers, let alone the building process. A crane with a long boom on a secure, flat surface would be the easiest–albeit, not the cheapest–answer to the problem of terrain/geology issues.

I was checking around for different machinery and came across a cool loader/off-loader for shipping containers. The operator uses a remote control to operate it. The only thing that kinda had me a little apprehensive about the mechanics of the entire lifting process was the stability of chains hooked onto the container–I could be just overly cautious, but that’s me. The weight will vary depending on what is within the containers, so the chains had me wondering. Other than that, seems like a great solution to the dump and run method. See if you think it’s cool as well:

Container Lift (a new window will open to info/video page)

  • marcusb

    I’ve seen the above design before, but I’ve forgotten the company that makes it. I’m curious how the above compares with the Hammar Lift units

  • Dave

    These trucks are very common in Australia.
    I’d say they’re the most common way of transporting 40 footers when you don’t have a (large) fork or crane at the offload point.
    We call them ‘sideloaders’.
    (Apparently there are 40 foot tilt tray trucks as well, but they’re pretty rare).


  • Dave

    Oh yeah I wouldn’t worry about the chains – I’ve seen one of these in action and there’s no problem there.
    The container in question was holding a 2 tonne excavator, a car, three motorbikes, four engines and a full load of household items and tools.

  • steve

    Also known as swinglifters and first built in New Zealand back in the 80’s and then exported to Australia and other countries. Very successful concept and are also used to load other trucks on sites that do not have them. An experienced operator can load/ unload in very quick time.

  • Tim Keating

    Has anyone ever seen some kind of container jack system where you can jack the container up and then drive the truck out???

  • Hey Tim, there have been a few on the market, but the currfent OH&S regulations make them hard to use.
    A more modern version is the small straddle carrier, such as a Mobicon. Hve a look, I think you will like it.

  • Sir

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