Seoul Has Got Flair. Thanks, Germany?


I woke up this morning to an email from an “M” stating that my site didn’t have any link or article pointing to their site. I checked out the link in the email and to my surprise,  an amazing structure revealed itself in 3/10ths of a second (thanks DSL). My hazy morning eyes sprung wide. I was in awe. It’s was a rapid succession of images to cultural hotbed located Seoul, South Korea. Made from 28 shipping containers, Platoon Kunsthalle is basically a stage for something profound to occur; which could come by way of a street artist doing a live painting to a crowd sipping on Heinekens to a performance by a DJ weaving together sounds of the Temptations with T-Pain, maybe a little sprinkling of the Chemical Brothers.

The structure, or work of art depending on how you view it, can be set up anywhere, anytime as proclaimed on the site. The Deutsche-influenced fortress owes its creation to the genius of the mother ship of minds headquartered in Berlin. I encourage you to check it out and see what some vision mixed with a little entrepreneurial spirit can spawn!

Platoon Kunsthalle (opens new window)

  • BobVM

    I particularly liked the video at the web site. I’m an American guy in Asia (Mongolia), teach at a Korean school, like techno music and am planning a container house. I don’t know about the drainage on the roof deck. Seems advanced, but nice to see somebody’s idea executed. We haven’t had one moment above freezing here this year, so when the ground thaws…

  • Paul

    Did you know the Freitag Tower in Zürich?

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