Better than a Single-Wide

A small company based in New Mexico is creating affordable homes for low income people. The company, PFNC Global Communities, takes unused and neglected 40-foot containers and converts them into full-fledged homes by definition of the word. The homes are modest (only 320 sq. ft.) but are a powerful statement to the world about what ingenuity can yield. I have considered something similar as a business, but let me get my home built first. Who knows where my life will head after I construct that dream home from shipping containers.

There are so many families that could use these! I can’t stand the idea of children living on bare ground, covered with newspapers or dirty blankets, no pillow… and calling that their bed :( . It’s just not right to know that people just feet from our southern U.S. borders are actually living like that. It would break anyone’s heart to see. We take so much for granted as modern Americans and the citizens of those other similarly fortunate nations across the world. Count your blessings.

Thankfully, there are people trying to do their part and contribute to humanity’s daily struggles. Yes, this company is a for-profit company, but they aren’t sharks or capitalists by far–more like angels. It all seems really fair to me. Everyone wins.

How much are these homes? Under 10k. They last longer than most homes would under a parallel maintenance regimen and will protect the occupants far better than any single-wide trailer could in the event of say… a baseball-sized meteorite strike?

I have included them as an “Innovative Ideas” link member.

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