Building Code? What Stinking Code?!

Gone are the days where you can just build whatever you want. Heck, I think it’s been like 200 years… For those of you who are lucky (or unlucky…depending on your perspective) enough to live in a county in these United States where building codes don’t apply, I’m jealous! There are only a few places you can build anything you want. I do believe that all counties, though, require proper code adherence to electricity and waste treatment methods like a sound septic system. It’s all about public safety.

I personally prefer no building codes because I am a visionary and would like to try some things out as far as design is concerned. I live in California, so my only hope would be to get a superstar architect to design the home for me or move up to Mendocino county. I hear that if you build on federal land, you don’t have to comply with local codes… hmmm… I had better research that one.

You can always chance it and just build, hoping there won’t be a code enforcement truck driving by any year soon, but I wouldn’t advise that. I would hate for your magnificent creation to be involuntarily disassembled. Why go through the trouble at all? We are containerists! There are a couple of classes of people who wish to voluntarily live in a container home: those that are environmentally aware and are eco-minded; those who are looking for a cheap way to homeownership; and those who are the “leave me the hell alone” types and just want to be isolated from the hustle of the city and people. Me? I guess I am all of the above.

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