Building Codes: All 50 States!

Codes, codes, codes!

After much googling and stumbling into nowhere links, I finally found the perfect resource for us owner-builders. I know building codes are the biggest obstacle for containerists wishing to assemble their dream home from shipping containers–besides cost of land and materials. Why make life even harder for ourselves, right? I am sure that it is easy to find code information for your own state; but what if you are contemplating a move to a more lenient code state because you would rather build whatever sort of alternative home you want–without the hassles? Then this resource is for you: Building Codes by State

You may find that knowing the State Energy Code is important as well–it’s part of the code approval process if your state/local government requires it.

I realize I get a good number of visitors from the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, but I figured it would be a cinch for you folks to dig up your local codes online 🙂

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