Delivering a shipping container office by flatbed truck

40 foot converted shipping container office being delivered by a flatbed truck.

Have you ever considered how difficult it might be to have your shipping container project delivered on site? It turns out that with a skilled driver & a little preplanning, the process is pretty painless.

This 40 foot converted shipping container was delivered in a matter of minutes. Considering how narrow the opening of the fences were, this driver was able to maneuver into the lot with no problems at all. One of the keys to a successful delivery is making sure your driver will have ample room to properly situate your container. For this job, permits were filed with the city of New York to have all parking prohibited directly in front of this lot for the day. Without taking this step, it would have been a more difficult job trying to achieve the proper clearance necessary to deliver this successfully.

If you are planning to have your shipping container delivered in a rural location with limited access or poor road conditions, this driver told me that it would be best to call ahead and plan for such situations before they become a problem. In an ideal situation, you should clear out trees, debris, building materials, garbage, & anything else that might prevent your driver from being able to make the necessary moves to your location. You don’t want to be scrambling to do this as your driver arrives. A crane may also be necessary should you have a more demanding location that cannot be done directly with a flatbed.

As you can see, there are no special foundations, pilings or anything used underneath this office unit, just the ground. This makes your container completely mobile and ready to move in a moments notice should such a situation arise. One of the many good reasons to consider using containers for your next project

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