DIY Solar and Wind Turbine

Why do I like Well, they know nothing about this write-up and I have never introduced myself to them; but I like them because they provide parts and insight into creating your own DIY wind turbine power generation system and anything else that makes electricity.

It’s basically a one-stop shop for all your Edison-inspired fantasies of living off the grid and making your own power. Hell, they even hold seminars on how to build stuff! So yeah, go sign up for a wind turbine construction seminar when you get a chance. What’s one of the coolest things about the outfit based in the mountains of Colorado? They are completely off the grid themselves and practice what they preach. They boast proudly that they are about 12 miles from the nearest phone line! Wait… who’s answering their emails and calls?

Not super handy with making your own parts and whatnot? No worries, they will sell you a 10-ft. diameter turbine kit for somewhere around $1700 USD. Um… dude, that’s a BIG ol’ wind turbine for the home!

Want to get a hold of all the information you will ever need on the subject of making electricity from scratch and living off the grid? Go ahead, visit their rudimentary site filled with enough projects to make any mad scientist or green freak like myself happy! Their little elves will happily accommodate any project you may have.

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