Flatiron Green Cafe, New York NY.

Front view of the flat iron green cafe in NYC.

I’ve spotted loads of shipping container projects popping up all over Metro New York recently. There seems to be many commercial projects that cater to food like this one located on 23rd street right next to the flatiron building.

It always makes me happy to see a shipping container re-purposed like this in a busy area serving hundreds of people a day.

I’ll be posting more of these adorable conversions in the coming weeks, and hopefully some of them will inspire you to make one yourself in a prime area in your local business district. Your imagination is the limit. As municipalities become more familiar with these designs, there will be less hassle dealing with the local DOB and health department regulations. If you or someone you know would like to talk to Containerist.com about your experience dealing with the city, reach out and let’s educate others that are interested in going down the same path.

Wonderful view of the Empire State building behind the Flat Iron green cafe in NYC.

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