Float This, Folks!

outdoorsman and extreme fisherman (whatever that means). Put a pole in my hand; toss in a stream, river, lake, sea or ocean and I am in heaven. I used to own a nice center-console fishing boat when I lived near the ocean in San Diego back in the 90’s–but got rid of the boat when I moved to the desert. After a full day of fishing for yellowtail, bass, and halibut, I also enjoyed the sensation of almost surfing my boat to get back into the calm waters of the marina via a narrow inlet–fun times! Since unloading my boat, I have always dreamed of getting back on the water in one way or another.

Last summer you found me sitting along the shoreline in San Diego during a spur of the moment visit; firmly situated atop a 5-ton boulder in an array of thousands; rubber soles slightly wet from the occasional wave, fishing for whatever was in the mood to take a nibble. The fish were being a bit lethargic no matter what juicy bait I presented, so I made a conscious decision to notice the different boats cruising around the inlet and there were some really nice vessels sputtering around in the no-wake zone. Half were less than seaworthy because of their size–a suicide mission pretty much. Speaking of suicidal… I found a couple of interesting images that was worth a chuckle. Have fun formulating your own opinions about them!

Where am I going with this? Nah… not possibly a shipping container boat, right? You’ve got to be kidding, Terry… right? Folks, I am crazy, but not that crazy! Is a houseboat from shipping containers possible? I am sure it is, just really not worth the time to engineer something like that in my opinion. Way too expensive and risky. You would be better off going the conventional route. Maybe even taking a barge and building a structure on top from scratch. If you were thinking (hypothetically) about creating a container house boat, I don’t think dropping your craft into anything rougher than a serene lake would be wise. We are talking an incredibly heavy houseboat! If any of you are contemplating this or have begun to build one, I would be interested in hearing about it, so reply in this post (I’m not holding my breath).

Check out the old oil tank conversion from Popular Science (June, 1939); talk about creative repurposing.

Don’t have a shipping container handy to build that dream houseboat? Heck, use whatever you can! They have plastic septic tanks these days that would work! 😀

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