Have a Seat and Read This.

After a long Memorial Day weekend to clear my mind of all things mundane, I am back; but what I have running though my mind can be argured as being pure crap!

I love to laugh and people who know me personally know that I am a major clown. It’s really cool when you can mix green with comedy–I am all about funny and green things. The funnier and greener, the better. Well… there is a nifty little product that offers portability and somehow maintains a very notably green signature–well, brown. The product that is…

I was snooping around sites as per usual and came across a green site called igreenspot.com and found this little beauty. I thought it was a joke at first. Nope. It’s the real deal. I figured I would share this would you and brighten your day. I was reading the paragraph about this wonderful gift to necessity on igreenspot and noticed toward the bottom it says: This earth friendly material is built by Brown Corporation, and is shipped with ten “poo bags” and when doubled, can be used as a handy stool. I about died laughing. What makes that sentence funny is that I believe it was inadvertent (the stuff of great comedy).

You know, this product comes in three varieties and is really being sold on the Brown Corporation’s website! So go ahead and pack your tent, cooler, and don’t you dare forget your Shit Box! Just stay downwind, thanks.

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