Hello world! We are back from the dead.

Containerist.com is about breathing new life into something that has seemingly past it’s prime. Just like old sea cans get abandoned at the seaport for years on end, only to be re-purposed into something awesome & usable like a cabin or a radio station or a market or a store, this site has been passed on to me to give it another go.

During the last month, I managed to kill this site completely, with my eagerness to push on despite my lack of experience. After all, the do-it-yourself attitude has never let lack of experience get in the way of accomplishing what you want right?  I learned the hard way that some things are better left alone. Especially in DNS land.

I’d like to personally thank Terry Herb, founder & former webmaster of Containerist.com for being the great guy he is. His patience for my ignorance is only out-shined by his willingness to help the cause, and I am truly grateful for everything he has done on my behalf to help get this site breathing again. Thank you my friend.

In the spirit of new beginnings & looking forward from a most difficult start, I want to welcome all of you that take the time to hang out here, join, leave comments, or contribute to the forum. With all things new, there will be hiccups & growing pains, but I hope you will learn with me & help this site grow to it’s highest & best use. Without you, it is nothing.

What you can expect from us here is the latest news, resources & information on Cargotecture, shipping container conversions, tiny house stuff, minimalism, homesteading, original content, videos, interviews & maybe even a little fun can be had. If you have the inclination to contribute in any way at all, I am all ears & can be contacted here 24/7.

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