Open Casting Call! Who Has a Container House/Tiny House Being Constructed?

[EDIT] This post is a few years old but still very much relevant to me. If you are currently building any type of alt house, be it tiny, shipping container or otherwise, please post what you are doing in the brand new Containerist User forum at the top of the page. You can log in with your existing facebook account. EASY!- Deuxvan

There is nothing more fascinating to a containerist than a currently-being-built container home! Who out there is constructing a container home? I am talking right now… this minute… a site with a container on it, being built.

We all want to know what it’s like and how you feel about it. Please reply to this post as a comment and we can all enjoy your progress. Please inspire the rest of us! You can post your website address or steer us to some pics. We will eat it up!

All comments are moderated, so be patient and I will approve legitimate comments. Sorry, spam makes me do it this way.

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