Rough-Trade NYC, 20 Foot Containers pimped out! [VIDEO][PIX]

I heard that the new Rough-Trade record shop in Brooklyn had 20 foot containers that were re purposed for a variety of uses, so I snapped a few shots and a short video with my Iphone so we could all take a closer look.

There is a music store (a tiny Main Drag Music) where you can try out different instruments and effects, a coffee shop, an office, a semiprivate balcony over looking the stage (which was closed when I was there) & a book store, as well as a ticket booth area & a few others I could not figure out.

What really left me scratching my head was wondering how they managed to get all these containers in this space in the first place.

Super cool. I left feeling inspired and hungry for more. If you have the chance, you should definitely make a pitstop here & to enjoy the brand new waterfront park the city just completed right down the block.

I would love to do a proper tour with the folks at Rough-Trade, if any of you are reading this get in touch & we’ll bust out the camera crane & dolly & get some nice video!

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