Shipping Container House in the Woods

Here is a home being constructed that is similar to the setup I really like. Seems to be a beautiful setting! I can just imagine what the area looks like in the fall–purples, yellows, reds and browns. The progress is going very well based on the home builder’s blog.

Excerpt from her blog: …I’ll be working on the path that goes down to the river and attempt to get it clear enough to drag my kayak down to the gravel bar and back up to the house. That’s where the “Therapy” comes in…

Can we say LUCKY! Wow! Everyone involved in this creation is after my heart. Simple and serene. I am totally digging the suspension factor utilizing pier footings. I am sure that standing on the very edge of the home and glaring off into the woods gives a surreal sensation. You can read this very interesting blog yourself and see what it’s like to chase a dream and make it come to fruition. The 8747 House

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