Shipping Containers Are Beautiful? For Sure.

Ok, I know, I have been away… The site stagnated for a bit there, but I have to make money like other peeps and have been working on a huge website project which is finally wrapping up, so I figured I would come back to my baby and nurture it along with a fresh post 😀

Apparently, there are many out there who cherish shipping containers enough to focus on them; no, not like me… they really see containers as works of art and many models are created for train sets and collectors. It’s a huge niche! I used to collect coins and I admit that after a few years of collecting them, I grew quite fond of them in the artistic sense–their shininess or lack there of; the sound they made on a coffee table after being spun and coming to rest; their weight… each coin was its own mini Mount Rushmore–its own crafted work of art, flaws and all. The more flaws the better (sometimes).

I think shipping containers are some of the coolest things ever created by mankind and see the utilitarian aspects of the boxes more than any other aspect at the moment. Maybe I will see the artistic beauty in them as well down the road. I am very open-minded to new concepts.

There is a site that I think you should check out if you haven’t stumbled upon it thus far. It’s a site run by a container enthusiast named Matt Hannes and he has really compiled a very extensive array of containers–down to the manufacturer, size, type, etc. I am talking a catalog, folks! My hat’s off to him for his dedication. My advice is to read all of his disclaimers and caveats because he runs a popular site and gets many odd requests from visitors. The site is basic, but his information is impressive.

Looking for a Morflot 40′ DryVan Container picture? Matt’s got it, and many more.

Matt’s Site

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