Size DOES matter! Is smaller better? That’s NOT what she said!

I often wonder where city people are going to go in the future when every single thing has been converted into a luxury hi-rise condo with amenities or a low income housing block.

If the alternative to city living means being more practical and frugal with our resources, I fail to see that much of a drawback. The only problem I see with tiny living is inclement weather, and being trapped in one for 8 months of the year because the snow outside is literally up to the sills. I’ve had enough snow to last me a lifetime, and you probably have too if you live in the North East.

The impact is evident, living large does not have to include copious amounts of stuff & insane square footage to store that stuff in. After a while you stop owning things & they start owning you.

How many of you have a storage unit that makes no sense to keep like we do in Casa Deuxvan? Annually, it costs us more to keep these items in storage, than these items are actually worth. More reasons to reexamine our motivations and incentives to change. If only my better half would see the advantages of never celebrating a holiday & telling the kids they can’t have bikes and clothes and toys anymore…

Check this info-graphic out. Click on it to supersize. Bask in the beauty of data.



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