Stalled ambitious 21 container project in Brooklyn NY is active again.

Although North Carolina might be the friendliest place for shipping container homes right now, Brooklyn has the most awesome projects. Keeping up with the interesting architecture in beyond trendy Williamsburg is practically a full time job these days.

After reading this New York Times article depicting this 21 container project on Monitor Street in Williamsburg Brooklyn, & it’s current state back in February of 2014, there seems like there may have been some significant delays stalling completion, but the work now seems to be underway again as of June 2015. obtained these photos showing much of the cutting, wiring, and spray foam insulation has been done, as well as much of the concrete, glass work & plumbing systems. The flooring, fixtures & appliances were noticeably absent.

Can you imagine the amount of fire hoops they must be forced to jump through to get this approved? Sheesh, it’s enough to make any man weak in the knees.

I’m genuinely curious if there were any savings or benefits choosing something as unusual as containers vs traditional building approaches. No doubt this project will look super cool, but will that cool factor be enough to recoup when it comes time to sell? Only time will tell.

Don’t let anyone tell you that this is easy work folks. If you are entertaining the idea of a DIY build this complex, don’t expect it to be fast work, cheap or fun, especially in NYC. Evidently, the Keap Street project had unexpected delays that ended up costing the owner an additional 100 grand in carrying costs before it obtained its Certificate of Occupancy.

In the meantime, I will keep fantasizing about building my tiny 40 foot hi cube off grid 3 season cabin & living somewhere tropical for the winters.

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