The First Containerist

I wish I could take credit for being the original containerist, but there have been many before myself with the concept. Our ancestors have been using any and all materials available since the dawn of time to keep them sheltered from sun, snow, rain and cold. They lived in tree trunks, hollowed out bushes, holes in the ground, on and on… but we have to give it to the first publicly known containerist: Oscar the Grouch.

As a small child of the 70’s, I loved the antics of this bad-attitude-having green monster. When I reminisce, I think of his scratchy, commanding voice. He took no crap: none. I admired how proudly he lived in that deceptively spacious container. Who knew that it was a castle of sorts. Never did he hang his furry head low as people walked nearby. The container he lived in kept him out of the elements and when his friends would irritate him… “SLAM!” that lid crashed down and he was gone. Oscar, you are definitely the first containerist in my eyes.

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