Tim Steele designed this cool little Shipping Container cabin in NY. [HD VIDEO]

I really like this for multiple reasons. First, it is located in my home State of NY, a place where I will be attempting to build out my first shipping container cabin. Any type of building project can be daunting, but thinking about permits for an odd structure such as this keeps me up at night. I can only imagine the disbelief of the clerks over at the local building department when I describe my intention to build with sea cans. Maybe Tim Steele will be willing to come on one of the future podcasts I have planned for Containerist & share some practical advice with us.

Second, the open floor multi-level layout makes this seem spacious.  The reclaimed space between containers used to put floor to ceiling windows is smart & practical. All elements I hope to incorporate into my own future build when the time comes. It seems like a no brainer when you look at how much light this space receives & the added view is gravy. Growing up in the inner city, I want to see as many trees & as much sky as possible.

If you are planning to build a container cabin in New York, give Tim Steele Design a call & tell him Containerist sent you.

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