Why We Love Container Homes

After running this site and communicating with the VAST numbers of people interested in container home building, I would have to say that besides the out-of-the-box thinking (no pun intended) of living inside a converted shipping container once used to ship goods across the world, price is the other key ingredient. Many emails have come my direction about the different facets of building and design and the common denominator is price.

Another wonderful observation is that our container building brethren spans the globe. I get emails from Asia, Africa, Central and South America, Europe (mostly UK), Australia (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie…), United States and Canada. I am anxiously awaiting for something from Antarctica. (sigh…). I encourage anyone thinking of emailing me to just register for the forum and post your question or comment. There are many excellent, smart visitors to extract information from ?

I am still licking my chops thinking of the big day when I embark on my home building process. Why is this taking so long!!!?? Freaking Los Angeles has sunk it’s fangs into my ankles of progress I tell ya! The economy has a lot to do with my stagnancy; wish it would hurry and recover so we can all follow our dreams. Unfortunately, it’s hard to relocate into the boonies without income from nearby.

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