Yet Another Fine Getaway, Aussie Style

I guess I am firmly committed to getting away from the city. Every single time I see something like this, I sigh and put myself there. This one begs to the city-stressed, noise-polluted folks like myself to use it for its almost medicinal benefits in relieving all social, financial, and pathological ails. We all need a respite from life whenever possible. A chaos-free setting like this does the trick.

This permanent tent is plumed by handsome corrugated copper siding that blends in beautifully with the lichen covered native rock. Folded down, it looks like a mini armored fortress from medieval times, or even the likes of Troy; The Trojan Tent? Affectionately called “Permanent Camping” by its creator, the Sydney-based firm of Casey Brown Architecture, the tower is set in the bush against a serene sloping mountainous backdrop near Mudgee in New South Wales, Australia. The roof collects rain water and this structure requires no artificial heating or cooling aside from a carousel-like fireplace, natural convection and ventilating.

Though not feasible as a daily living situation because it lacks much of what we depend on without realizing it (internet, power and the always there water we take for granted), I could spend a good amount of time there to recapture the primal introspection that the city has sucked out of me. I get tired of hearing cars every 30 seconds outside my bedroom window and doors slamming across the courtyard of my apartment complex. I am counting down the days to my departure let me tell you. I am already surveying the things I want to leave behind when I make my grand exit to embark on my container home build! Anyone with me?

Video of this perma-tent

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